Having recently recreated our CA last December (2012), we issued new certs to most of our servers.
(long story short, our old CA had not yet expired but a tech claimed it had and recreated our CA.. it was actually good until 2014)

I've found that typically, on our OES linux boxes however, when I generate new certs via iManager/Repair default certifidfates, the new certs do not translate over to the cert used by httpstk/Remote Manager.
On this one server, as an example, it's still using an old cert that was issued 2011, and says it's good until 2015.

Do I have to manually export and import the new certs? (and if so, why isn't that built-in to the repair certificates function in iManager?)

Furthermore, this old cert lists no CA in the chain. We definitely had one. This isn't' the first NRM cert I've seen exhibit this behavior either.

How do I get these certs to sync up with the ones the server is actually using in eDirectory?