I'm trying to accomplish things started in thread https://forums.novell.com/novell-pro...orkspaces.html, but now I see I have lost a connection to eDir, meaning, when I setup a net folder (appearing there automatically) for connecting to eDir home-dirs it was ok, test-connection and a few test-users could attach to home-dir's very well, I tried that. But now - at some point I can't follow on which - auth error appear. eDir is there and ok, I mean, via iManager accessing no problem, on same OES11SP1 (on SLES11SP2) box is also iPrint working, but ... can't access it via Filr. Also interesting that beside this problem when I access via Filr LDAP to eDir users (imported ok, seems to) their home dir I see there three dot's remaining on screen unusually log and I don't see already there (in home dir) placed dir's nor files. When I then create a dir via Filr in this home dir, it takes a while to appear in Filr (I see it appear ok in iManager) and when I trying to remove it via Filr, it does in Filr, but I still see it in iManager. Strange. Well, maybe something with 1.0.1 update!? Probably I'm mislooking something. Well, I don't recall exactly at which point I was trying it and it did work.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.