Please see also thread https://forums.novell.com/novell-pro...home-dirs.html and probably connected https://forums.novell.com/novell-pro...g-net-use.html.
Well, not sure is this Filr problem or some (CIFS) conf problem on OES11 (why I describe this thread here), more likely and surely anyway also human error. =)
When I use Filr (1.0.1) and import users from eDir (via LDAP, home-dir's set) and login to Filr using one of these users login credentials then in Filr is described net folder server and I need to add to this server proxy user info. Server is there as expected within Filr using \\<IP>\<vol>. When I enter proxy user credentials I can test connection. And in my case it was ok till some point which I can't recall exactly. But now I have a situation when using \\<IP>\<vol> description does not work anymore, does work \\<DN>\<vol> description. Well, as You see from thread above I worked with CIFS conf a little, but I didn't change there almost nothing beside setting it to search in eDir sub containers. And changing this back to default setting didn't solve problem I have. Yes, this shouldn't be a big problem, anyway, <IP> or <DN> this is good both, but the problem is Filr probably (not sure, though, can't see into database right now) uses \\<IP>\<vol> kind of description for user home dir's set in Filr, so, users can't attach to their homedir's via Filr. Which is bad.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.