Good Afternoon Groupwise Admins,

Just to put it out there, I am terrible at Groupwise and Novell and I apologize for how simple some of my questions may be or how stupid they may sound.

We have a client (in a groupwise environment) that reports messages from a single sender are not reaching his mailbox. He assures us that he has no rules setup and that the messages are not being delivered elsewhere.

We control their external spam filtering service and the logs on that server indicate that the message was delivered successfully to the external interface of the groupwise server. (so its not being blocked anywhere upstream)

Essentially, all I need is an exchange message-tracking like interface to see where the messages have gone to.

Ive tried enabling POA and MTA logging, though the location I specify for the logs (through console one) remains empty.

Ive tried to access the POA and MTA web consoles, but I'm presented with an authentication window that doesn't like any of the credentials Im providing.

At this point I'm stuck and anybody who could provide even the slightest hint at a new/right direction would be greatly appreciated.