I know this may sound like a Blackberry issue but bear with me. We are using Novell Data Synchronizer with z10 Blackberry to Groupwise 8. When a user attempts to create a yearly recurring appointment on the z10, the first appointment appears on the z10 calendar and then about 15 seconds later disappears. All future yearly appointments remain visable, but the first appointment in the series is disappearing. Weekly-daily recurring appointments work fine. The local calendar on the z10 works fine. It appears to me that there is a faulty algorithm with the syncing of the yearly appointments. Blackberry recommended a security wipe which does not correct the problem. The only way to circumvent the problem is to create the yearly recurring appointment and start it with a date exactly one year in the past. The reason I suspect the Novell sync is due to the local calendar working, and the initial appointment shows on the z10 but then disappears after the synchronization with Novell. I may be missing a setting with Groupwise or Novell. Any suggestions will be appreciated.