Hello there,

I work at a university where we use ENGL to image our machines. Our student PC's have a lot of software installed on them. During imaging we send out an additional add-on image that contains the install files for a number of programs that are installed as it goes through.

This year we had a problem, if the Adobe CS6 files were present in the add-on image the session would not multicast, it always failed. The master carried on merrily though after the multicast session was dropped. After a lot of trial and error we discovered that if we removed all the .pima files from the CS6 install folders it would multicast fine. We then had to add them in later through a bundle but one in particular would still not go. Finally we used a robocopy to get it down. I suspect that if we added the .pima files back into the add-on image with the exception of the one we robocopy it would multicast but we did not have time to test this.

The file that was causing the problem in the CS6 folders was:

Build\Patches\AdobeApplicationManager-1.0_update7\packages\DECore\DECore.pima, its an 11.8MB file

We are working Ok with the workaround but if anyone can shed any light on why this was being strange we would love to know.