Hi All
I am studying Cross-plateform migration function. we had almost completed, but only one thing confused.
in the document ,it saied that when slect open file record, and provide a path to record open files, these open files will not be migrate and be record on this file.
But I enable open function and set file on OES-Linux NSS Volume, then perfomr migrate. I find all folders/Files , include open files, migrate to target windows file server, and no file generated.
then I try to again, but this time I pre-create emtpy record file, and set proxy account has full rights, after migration task completed. the result is the same(all files transferd and no open file record in files)
I check the document the example only use netware, no OES2-Linux or OES11-Linux. Whether Open File does not support OES Linux as Source or not ?