I installed a new windows 12 server (standart). (Virtuell on ESXI VMWare 5.5)
+ Add Feature .net
+ install PreAgentPkg_Agent.exe per download from http:\\Servername\zenworks-setup

Use the ZenAgent to install the Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR4)

We have a roaming profile policy for all Users (works fine on XP, w7, w2003 w2008R2)
and I use the dynamic Local User Policy (from other Windows servers)
+use user source credentials
+Manage existing user accounts
+volatile user, (cache 5 days)
Member of "remote desktop users" and "users"

I see the dynamic user policy in properties of the zenagent.

But If I login with any user from edir, Windows want to know a local user Name!
(If i give him a existing local user, all is ok, I see the drives from our OES-Server, but he dont create local users)

Whats wrong? All other older Windows Server Version work fine.