I'm running the ZCM 11.2.3a virtual appliance and this past week it has just started running horrendously slow, and based on what I was able to pick up from other posts I restarted services, the server, checked what is running and I keep finding the jsvc service running at nearly 100%.

This lead me down a road of backing up my database and preparing to run the "Rebuilding the Sybase Database" procedure, but I'm getting stuck in the details. I'm at the point of editing the saopts.sql file, which at first the entry referencing "database_authentication" was not present, so I created it, and I'm trying to use the DBISQL utility to find the value to enter for that statement.

The instructions say that after launching dbisql, click the Identification tab to enter the database credentials, and then click the Database tab to specify the name of the database service that is currently running. My instance of dbisql on my ZCM server does not have a "Database" tab. I was able to connect to something on the server so continuing with the instructions it provides a SQL statement to run to write to a file for the saopts.sql value. The value that I'm getting is:

'Company=Novell,Inc.;Application-ZENworks;Signature={long string here}'

For whatever reason this does not seem correct to me so I'm looking for some clarification on this process. Thank you for any advice.