I just updated to the latest Novell Client for Windows-7 : v2 sp3 ir4, released on Oct 15, 2013. It has fixed the display of volume size info for >2TB volumes - yay! However I noticed two other issues : 1. it does not report all the namespaces on the volume - only DOS and LONG even though the volume has been enabled for Mac and Unix. 2. It does not report the eDir object name. Both of these issues are also present on the Client for Windows XP. And finally, these issues are present on OES11sp1 NSS volumes but NOT on NetWare NSS volumes.

So this could be a bug in the two different Novell Clients for Windows (XP and 7), or it could be a bug in the OES11sp1 NSS service....

Could someone take the time to verify these two issues on OES11sp1 NSS volumes?
If this is a general issue then would one of the Connected please pass it on to the programmers-that-be?