I am sure this is a stupid and obvious question, but I am unclear on

OES 11 SP1 Linux running GW 2012. GW is running on NSS volumes.

On the Linux box console, Console1, Tool, Select Domain is using the
path /media/nss/GWVOL/acmegw/acme.

On Windows boxes running Console one, we use:

which is using NCP over Client32. That is the easy understandable part.
Per the docs at:

The part I do not get is, properties of the Domain and PO, there is a
field UNC path.

If it is set /media/nss/GWVOL/acmegw/acme then C1 on Linux can see the
domain and manage it (Gateways show up). But Windows clients cannot.

If we change the format there to:

then Windows Console1 can see Gateways and whatnot but Linux Console1

Question 1: What is the proper value for UNC path on a domain and PO in
the case where GW is runnig on NSS volumes on OES Linux?

Q2: Is this the value for the GW components to find the GW files
internally? I.e. My concern is, if we change this to
\\server\GWVOL\acmegw\acme then Windows C1 can work, but will this break
the agents and whatnot, as on Linux that path does not work.