Here is the situation. I am unable to restore a windows 7 Image from zenworks Imaging. Any images go up to the server clean without incident. This server has had 20 or so XP images put up to it and restored them to 500 computers or more without a problem. I can use winPE and put them windows 7 images up im .wim format and restore without a problem. Strangely enough, both images tried lock up on the same file presentationfontcache.exe.config. I am attaching a screenshot. At this point, the imaging process has totally stopped and will not go any further.

Here are the facts

Imaging Server = Zenworks 11.2.3a on Server 2008 writing to an emc clariion ntfs lun
All Images have been built in vmware esxi on a fresh vm
a windows 7 32 bit and windows 7 64 bit on a fresh build (not re-sysprep) displayed the same behavior
I am able to put up XP Images to this server from vmware
I am able to put these same failing images up in .wim format to the same server
Workstations have gigabit lan access to this server

My last attempt will be to restore a wim image to a workstation and put it back up in zenworks format to rule out VM. Maybe someone can help me out before it come down to this.imaging.JPGimaging.JPG