Hi Forum,

unfortunately I have to recover a deleted gw account. Nothing new so far.
I followed the novell documentation an make a copy of the wpdomain.db available where the user still exists.
Then user C1 to recover the account and get a success message.

IMHO in this moment I should be able to login as the recovered user. For sure it's an ampty mailbox.
I want to recover mails via gwava reload now.

But I get an error and the poa logs told me this:
11:01:04 F3DB The database function 44 reported error [C05D] on usersda.db
11:01:04 F3DB Error: Dependent store file does not exist on the disk [C05D] User:
I get this message even after a structural rebuild and a re-create user db with gwcheck.

Question now is, why did the first step not recover the user db and how do I get it restored?
Do I have to copy the user database manually from the backup to its original location? Found no need for that in the novell documentation...

Thanks in advance,