October 2013 patches are causing printing issues for us. So far it just seems to be effecting HP Printers. They are all networked, and we are using iPrint. I believe it might be an issue with the iPrint driver (HP Universal PCL6), which was modified locally around the time patches were automatically installed. It seems to be just printers installed through iPrint, if I add the printer usign TCP/IP, it works. Symptoms are slow to print or failed to print. In Office 2013 (where the majority of the problems are), it is very slow to print or does not print. In IE, users are getting a script error sometimes when they try to print. I've tried a bunch of temp fixes, but none help across the board. Is anyone else having this issue? Has anyone come up with a permanent fix yet? Or narrowed it down to the culprit patch(es)? I've looked everywhere to no avail, even on MS. Thanks so much.