This is more of an FYI post.

I started receiving a generic login window instead of the usual Filr login window with a message about Vibe. After digging around for a while I found an error message in the logs stating..

"Starting service MySQL warning: /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock didn't appear within
30 seconds"

After doing more digging I found another error saying the drive was full. Doing a df -h confirmed the partition MySql was using was full. There were 28 1GB mysql-bin.index log files and the ibdata1 file was 27GB.

I changed the logging settings in the my.cnf file to purge the log files in order to clear space. Then I had to move the oldest mysql-bin.index log file to the /tmp directory just to get MySql to start. Once MySql started it cleaned the remaining log files out.

MySql should be turned off by default with the option the turn in on along with a warning about the consequences of each choice.

I spent way too much time troubleshooting this issue. If the database, tomcat, jetty, or any other vital service doesn't start I should be notified without having to dig through a bunch of log files.