Hallo there,
i need a very short workflow.
After creating an Wiki Entry this entry should be copied to another folder.
Sounds easy and i tried it, but with no success and i guess because of this restriction (from docu):
Copy Entry: Allows you to copy an entry to a new location in Vibe when it enters or exits a specific state.
When used as an On Entry event, this event cannot be used in the initial state of a workflow or in any workflow state that is immediately transitioned to from the initial state with an Immediate Transition.
But i should work very easy without further user interaction (for example with manual transition, with that my workflow is working)
I need a solution to display a "list of recent entries" on the landing of one folder "including" his subfolders. And so my workaround was to copy every entry in this folderstrukture after creation temporarely to a further folder for example "Recent entries" and link this folder with standard elements to our landing page.
Or any other ideas for my problem?