We have a recurring problem on two of our OES 11.1 servers where iprintgw, presumably novell-ipsmd, is running away with CPU utilization. Eventually, this causes iPrint to stop working altogether until I restart the process. Sometimes, people are still able to print while the high utilization is going on, but eventually people can no longer print.

Currently, according to top, overall CPU utilization on one server is hovering around 50%. The iprintgw command is at the top of the list and is supposedly taking around 150-193% of CPU (not sure how it can be over 100%).

The problems appear to have begun after a fairly recent software update, although I cannot say for sure.

This is a real problem for us, as we have multiple schools sharing print managers, so when one stops responding, it creates a pretty big problem. Anybody have any ideas?

Rick P
Walla Walla Public Schools