Yesterday my host machine spontaneously rebooted, which effectively hard-crashed my NetWare 6.5.8 VM that was running on it. Since then I've been unable to log into it. When I try to log into it from a Windows client I can see the tree, but when I click the 'context' button it tells me that it can't find any contexts. I tried to run 'dsrepair -a' it fails with "ERROR: System partition or Pseudo Server object does not exist. Error: -601". I'm thinking the edir may be hosed, or the server object got corrupted. If I try to perform a 'check volume objects and trustees' then when I try to log in I get "ERROR: Unable to create a directory context, Error: -610". If I try to check external references it tells me that DS is closed.

Since I am unable to log in to edir, what are my next steps, please?