Hi Everyone,

I am having a problem with what I think is a remnant of an old policy in ZENworks which I used to use, but does not exist any longer.

A bit of history...
Currently using ZCM
Under an old ZENworks policy (Windows Local), I used to block using Windows Task Manager
I deleted this policy some number of months ago
I am still having users, who are not able to use Windows Task Manager
I have tried to recreate a new ZENworks policy (Windows Local) which forces Windows Task Manger to work, but it doesn't
I found out some time ago, that just deleting the policy does not remove it strait away (from associated users and devices), and the normal 30 days of expiry would apply. I have now waited well over the 30 days.

If I remove ZENworks Agent (Windows 7 Pro) a local user I am using, is able to use Windows Task Manager (right clicking on the start bar or by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC), however once I reinstall the agent, Task Manager is locked out.

I have checked my ZENworks policies:
One to just allow Task manager
Once which allows me to do Remote access on all workstations
My questions now are:
Is there a way to purge / delete completely all old policies, even if I can't see them in ZCM?
What logs should I be checking to see where this setting is coming from or being applied?
Is there a tool (like in Windows AD gpresults, and no this computer is not on the domain, just in a work group, so no AD integration or GPOs), to see what is being applied and where / when?
Does anyone have any advise / tools?
I am literally at my wits end with this problem, which I have been trying to fix on and off for a few months now.

Any help, instructions, tools, e.t.c, would be greatly appreciated.

Also thank you very much for your time everyone.