I have a Net folder set up pointing to an NSS volume on OES11. The volume has folders that are group collaborative storage created by NSM. This means that folder are created for, and rights are granted to, each group that users are members of, not explicitly to users. Access to the volume via NCP and CIFS works fine, and users can see the folders they should, and everything inside them.

In Filr, however, the users see the Net folder (which is the volume) but the things inside it are behaving quite oddly. For instance, one user can see their group folder, but they can only see things inside that folder that they are the owner of. The admin account can see everything in the net folder, but an admin equivalent account (me) sees nothing; not even folders for groups that I'm a member of.

Folder Sync is set up for daily; JIT is enabled for it; I've performed manual syncs. Indexing was turned on, but I've turned it off - no change. Filr proxy user is admin equivalent. User and Group LDAP sync is nightly, also performed manual sync.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.