Hello; it's me again....

I'm trying to run a PowerShell script within a bundle uninstall process, and something about this particular script keeps blowing-up with "An error occurred while executing the program." Works just fine from the CLI and from the ISE; I think I need a new set of eyes to look at this one:

Action Name: Run Script


Script to Run: Define your own script
Script content: Get-Process "*Skype*" | Stop-Process -Force
Script file extension: .PS1
Path to Script Engine: ${WinSysDir}\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Powershell.exe
Script Engine Parameters: "-executionPolicy Unrestricted -File " (Quotes added to show whitespace)

Wait before proceeding to next action: When action is complete


Working Directory:
Success Return Codes:
Priority: Normal
Executable security level: Run as secure system user (Don't allow system to interact with desktop)