Hello, all.

As I have a need to fix up (aka, delete and regenerate) QuickFinder indexes for a number of users across several POs, I thought to use the "QuickFinder Indexing" page in the POA's WebConsole, under "Configuration". I've seen a number of references on the web about one of the Action Options being "Delete and Regenerate". I seem to remember this from years and versions past. But now, under Groupwise 8 and 2012 webconsoles, I'm not seeing it.

Did Novell yank it? Do I need to do something to enable it in the WebConsole now? Was it ever there and I just remember sweet dreams?

If it's not there, I can use the /qfuserfidbeg, /qflevel, etc., in the POA startup file to accomplish the same thing, but what a pain for multiple users.

Many thanks in advance,

~Howard Hy ten

Austin, TX