Hello all, this is my first post here.

We're an independant school in the UK and we're trialing Filr and have pretty much decided to buy it, except for a few small problems. We use MobileIron to manage our IOS and android devices and we're trying to use Filr to enable staff to get to their own files on the network with mobile devices.

MobileIron uses appconnect to wrap/secure the application (if it supports it) and you can deploy an app onto a mobile device with a preconfigured set of credentials (server name, user id, password etc) so that when the user signs into MobileIron (MI) they get access to everything they need without having to remember anything like the filr URL etc. When they sign out, MI should then strip these credentials from the device and leave it in a safe, anonymous state, without and credentials to our network.

The problems we're seeing so far are that the password isn't being passed onto the device, so it doesn't allow an automated login, and the credentials aren't being removed upon signing out of MI.

Another oddity is that the app doesn't seem to update automatically, so when user 1 signs into an iPad, MobileIron passess the username (not the PW) and the server name to the app so that the user then just enters a password to login. User 1 then logs out and User 2 logs into MI on the same iPad. MI works it's magic on the rest of the apps on the device, but User1's username is still stored on the Filr login screen and can't be changed for about 4-5 minutes at which point it automatically changes.

So my two main quenstions are:

1: What is the exact key that we need to map to get the password shoved across from MobileIron to the app on the device?

2: Is there a way of altering the time it takes to poll the device (for credential change) or is there another function that does a similar thing?

Many thanks,