We have been running iPrint on netware 6.5 for many years, as best I am aware all the current patches etc, and yesterday afternoon and today we are experiencing failures on the server host.

The server hangs, the current screen just freezes and the only option is to enter the debugger to quit and reset the server.

? in debugger shows:

Address in APACHE2.LNM at code start _00025A96h
Previous: -000009d6 A3BAD0C0 APACHE2.NLM|ssl_var_lookup
Current: 00000000 A3BADA96
Next: +000015CA A3BAF060 APACHE2.NLM|ap_sock_disable_nagle

Looks to be apache related. We running mostly ipp, but do host some secure ipps printers.

We are thinking a new client OS is knocking it over, perhaps mavericks or Windows 8.1.

Anyone else experiencing any similar? We are an eduaction campus, and as such, are at the mercy of our userbase and their upgrade tendencies...