Hi everyone,

I've made some tests for having a password-protected menu. This is to prevent users to browse the menu and deliberately restoring images to pc. My goal is to allow PXE boot in first boot order of lab machines to allow distant restoration of images, but I want to allow technicians to go in PXE menu by pressing CTRL-ALT for some manuel operations. But if normal users have the idea to press CTRL-ALT, the will access to all options...

By far, I've succesfully created an pxe menu entry (in pxemenu.txt) that when we choose it, another menu appears and ask for a password. I've used the isolinux.cfg of another linux pxe boot files to allow me to manage password protected access. Here's the line in pxemenu.txt:

option = execute ; "Password menu tests" ; " " ;/test-passw/pxelinux.0 ; /test-passw/syslinux.cfg

The "test-passw" directory contains the necessary files for allow me to have a new menu with differents choices, and the most important, have password-protected entries. I can boot without problem to imaging engine or every other entries of the original pxemenu.txt.

So my question is: is there a way to instruct the default PXE engine to choose automatically this entry in the pxemenu.txt when we press CTRL-ALT, so my other menu could be loaded automatically? In other terms, I would want to bypass the default pxemenu.txt to go straight to the other menu...

On the Zenworks Console, I've seen in the "Preboot services" a option called "PXE Kernel Boot Parameters". I was expecting to be able to use this option but how?

I now that solution is probably not supported but Novell, but we need a password-protected way for securing or imaging operations.

thank you for your support !