I've noticed recently that when I attempt at using a PC on the same subnet as several I'm trying to remote wake-up, which has always worked, stopped working recently.

I haven't done a packet scan during a WoL packet push yet, but I've never had issues until recently.

I can get it to work properly if I reboot the PC, but I rebooted it yesterday and today I still can't do it.

Any ideas? Anyone else with these issues? I don't really feel like opening an SR for this as we are limited.

We have never been able to use the 'automatically detect' feature, and we can't use the satellite server since the server only has one interface and sits in the management VLAN of our network. We have dedicated virtual machines we also use to remote wake-up with, but the one I'm testing with (and have always used) is a physical workstation that sits on the same subnet/VLAN.