I am looking for some additional information or possibly someone who is doing the following with ZMM in a school or similar environment.

What I would like to do is to drop the Apple Configurator portion of my deployment of iPads and iPhones so that I only have to manage a single Mobile Management setup. I am having some problems with my deployment which is forcing me to take a second look at whether ZMM is mature or ready for what I am wanting to do. I have been running ZENworks for the PC for 10 years so have some experience in how to manage and force the devices to stay connected.

First I guess I should list what I am looking to do. - I would like to do a simple setup of iPads primarily with Network connection and then MDM enrollment (either by me or the end user). Then I would like to provide application deployment using Apples VPP setup. Part of my problem here is that I still need to keep ownership of the apps. I had to deploy Apple Configurator in the past to accomplish this. With the new VPP setup and ZMM 2.8.0 having an ability to remove VPP codes I am hopeful that I can get closer to my goal.

Here is my frustration with ZMM. Perhaps I am doing something wrong or have the wrong impression. I had issues upgrading my ZMM 2.7.3 system to 2.7.6 which require an SR to resolve. Before that time the Enterprise app would not sync even with the app running the background. This seemed to be resolved once we got the server upgraded. Fist to 2.7.6 then during that process to 2.8.0. Now the new problem is that Unless the end users keep apps closed and only run the ZENworks app unless they need the other app the ZENworks app seems to stop responding and doesn't check in with the server like I expected. I have tried to get my end users to keep this process up but that has been almost impossible with only 3 or 4 end users doing this successfully out of about 65. In my opinion it is a little much to ask a standard end user to put that much time and energy to keep the apps clean to that degree just to keep ZENworks talking correctly. As a matter of observation, most of my end users will not even try.

Another area that I haven't been able to get good traction on is keeping the ZENworks app updated. I e-mail out asking the end devices to stay updated to the latest version but again have had very little traction. My Server still shows a small group of devices running 2.8.0. I have a good chunk running 2.7.6 but that is only due to me running around updating the apps for the user. Anyone have a good strategy on how to keep this updated correctly?

I have played with the VPP app removal process but haven't had any success yet. I was able to push out the app with success but the removal hasn't had any success at this point.

Has anyone had success with pushing out a deployment for MDM like this? Any pointers or documentation you can share or even pointing me in the right direction within Novell's Docs that could be helpful? Right now I have to question whether staying with ZMM is wise. I already have twice the money in keeping it running then I do in the original purchase of the product.