I have seen this thread in the past but can't seem to find what I am looking for now. I have a few questions regarding application the school has purchased and how often they are actually used. When asking the end users directly we always get the typical "We use it all the time". Yet a spot check by both Administration and myself over the last few months is showing a different picture. In trying to be as fair as possible to both sides I started looking into logging each time the application has been launched. Problem is I haven't found a good way to accomplish this.

Now I am looking for two different methods or possible options. 1. an app that runs all the time and records this information locally (to a text file would be great) or a way to attach to the Launch icon a way to write this to the Event Log or even a text file when that icon is launched.

My biggest concern with option two is that a lot of my end users may launch said application using a file instead of the application icon. This would give false data that places things back in the same issue we currently have.

Anyone know of a way to accomplish this? A process monitor that runs on startup and logs specific executable launches to a log file? A Script to accomplish this... Anything?

Right now I have three apps they are looking at for use monitoring. So my hope is that this wouldn't take to much CPU time to get running.

About 90% of this will be on a Windows 7 Pro system with a few options on older Windows XP pro systems.