Hello to all,

I'm currently testing a novell filr solution. I'm using 1 sever for filr appliance (Version:, 1 to search appliance (Version: and 1 to mysqldb.
I'm facing a problem that i don't know if it is supposed to run like this, a bad configuration or a bug.

Lets say my netfolder has reach the max size. When a user tries to move a file from his area to the net folder, the application doesnt give any error/warning and the file its moved
from the user home to the net folder staying there with 0KB.
If the user wants to recover the file he moved he cant. For all proposes the file was moved...
Then i tough maybe if i give more space to the net folder it will copy the rest of the file to the netfolder. It doesn't.

I just help to understand if this is working as intended, if its a bad configuration or if its a bug.