I want to configure the outbound mail setting.
there is a central mail relay for this purpose I can reach from ssh
terminal via telnet <server> 25.

So I assume, firewall settings are ok

But if I take the settings into configuration dialogue and click onto
"test connection", filr says "connection not valid"

here the settings:
local postfix disabled
protocol: smtp
host: both variants tested ip address and dns name
port: 25
time zone: (GMT +1.00) Berlin
username: name or mail address???
password: as requested
authentication: is required
spamming all users: yes or no
timeout 15 seconds

whats going wrong here?
Because I´m can´t configure the local postfix, I have to use our mail


Gotthard Anger
Anwenderbetreuung Netzwerkadministration
Landeskirchenamt der EKM