I have a perfectly clean and tidy NAL, but the powers that be want to use the Start Menu to improve the user experience (blerg) which is fine so long as I can retain absolute full control of the Start Menu.

According to the Zenworks 11.2 manual, ticking the start menu box on Assignments, and filling in the Zenworks Explorer path (already done) should make my Zenworks folders appear directly on my START menu.. here is the line from the manual

Start Menu: Places the icon on the Start menu on all Windows devices except for Windows Vista. On Windows Vista, it places the icon in Start > All Programs.

This line is incorrect. All my lovely neat folders and bundle icons are appearing on the start menu UNDER All programs which should only appear on Vista. This means I cant use GPO to remove All Programs from the Start Menu.

Please can someone advise how to make the Zenworks Explorer folders / bundle appear on the start menu and NOT in All Programs so I can remove the ALL PROGRAMS option

There is no real desire to use the classic shell.

Thanks in advance