I have a cluster of 2 nodes Novell NetWare 6.5 SP8 and Novell Cluster Services 1.8.0, with 5 resources (NSS Pools) shared in a SAN SYMMETRIX EMC.
This cluster is 4 years old working without problems and it will be migrated to SLES11SP2/OES11SP1
As part of the process of migration, there have been added to the cluster two nodes SLES11SP2/OES11SP1.
Both nodes joined to the cluster without problems.
Five (5) resources of the cluster was migrate to the nodes SLES11SP2/OES11SP1 without problems.
I can do actions as offline, online, migrate of the resources between all the nodes of the cluster (NetWare and OES).
I do a trustee synchronization with "ncpcon nss resync=VOLUME"
All works fine.
In this point I have not realized a "cluster convert commit" because we needed the two nodes Novell NetWare for one month more (aprox) while we modify a system that is still working in a Novell Netware 6.5

I need to create five new resources but when I use NSSMU in any of the nodes SLES11SP2/OES11SP1 to see or to modify the partitions, the system delay 15 minutes, approximately, to display the information.

The same situation in the Yast-> System-> Partitioner

The same happens when I do the command "vgchange -a y". The server delay 15 minutes to display the following message:
Error locking on node NETWARE1: Command timed out
Error locking on node NETWARE2: Command timed out
Why does it try to look in the Netware servers?

Checking the var/log/messages they exist a lot of messages:
nlvm: WARNING: Waited 10 seconds executing: lvs --noheadings --nosuffix --units b --separator , -O
nlvm: WARNING: Waited 10 seconds executing: vgs --noheadings -o vg_attr volgrpsystem
Is that normal?

Any information will be received well.
Thank you