Morning All,

Did a upgrade yestrerday to 1.0.1 , which i thought went very well, all was fine yesterday login etc etc .. this mornign i decided for good measures to reboot the applicance (this is for one of my departements...small install) ... well after the restart i cannot login .. not as user nor on port 9443 .... so i susspect one of two things .. first certificates?.. try to ssh to the box i now get error on certifciate (diffirent certificat ssh reports) .. so i suppect that the https servcies is not loading becuase of this?.... but how to fix this from cli .. ALL that the filr docs refers to is the webui on port 9443, but as i said can't login to it?... or secondly somnehow the rediricting got messed up?....again if this how to fix from cli ..

Kind Regards