Hi All,

A couple of months ago we installed an OES11 SP1 server with an NSS volume (VOL1:) for all our installation files.
In the root of the VOL1: volume, we created a directory named _Install (yes, underscore)
In this directory we created a lot of subdirectories with installation files for several applications, to keep things short, let's say DIR-A, DIR-B, DIR-C DIR-D DIR-E etc.
So if we opened VOL1:, we just saw the _Install direcory in the root of VOL1:, and if we opened the _Install directory, we saw the DIR-A, DIR-B etc.

But today, we opened the VOL1:, saw, the _Install directory, but also the DIR-A, DIR-B, DIR-C etc. in the folowing manner:

_Install (normal)



If we doubleclick on one of the directories in the root of VOL1:, we actually open the directory below the _Install directory. It's just like we have a kind of symbolic links, or shortcut's to the real directories in our root.

Never seen this before.

Anybody a clue for this?