We are trying to update our Windows 7 SP1 clients with Novell Client 2 SP2 with SP3 IR4 cause of the nccache.sys error being patched from SP2 IR5 and upwards.
When we update our clients, reboot and login, an extra notification windows pops up with the notification: "You are already logged in to the network as user <username>.
Do you still want to log in as .<username>.<context>?

I've read here that this error was common in SP2 IR3 and should be solved.
The problem still exists in our environment though. When i leave the context field empty in de default login profile, the error won't show up, but i cannot log in as a user from the context we normally specify in this field.

LDAP contextless login could be a workaround, but i'd rather not use that and just update my clients without having to adjust settings to make it work.
Hope my problem is clearly explained, if not, ask! :-)