When we rolled out our windows 7 machines we had no use for NMAS and did not install it during the client (SP3 IR1) installation. Yes, old habits die hard.

Of course, now I need to have it installed on the desktops because we're going to be implementing IDM. I've tried updating the client using the IR4 files with an install.ini that was configured to install NMAS, but that did not work (I'm guessing because that's an update and not a true installation). So my only option appears to be to take the nmasclient_vXX.msi and chalresp_vxx.msi and deploy them using a ZCM bundle to the machines. Is this a valid way to deploy NMAS, or is there some magic that happens when you deploy them during the client installation that wouldn't happen if I do it this way.

Thanks in advance,