Hi all, we recently had to update to ZCM 11.2.3a because of some other issues, and ever since we updated, our imaging no longer worked properly.

At first it'd just reboot as soon as it got into the img interface, I figured out that the Tuxera driver needed to be updated to the latest version, so I did, but it didn't replicate to all the primaries, so I manually stopped the servers and then copied the files to the proper spot, so now it's imaging and looks promising. Yet it seem to always crash out toward the end of the imaging process, say like around 95%. On one image it would just get stuck there until you press ctrl alt del, can't abort, can't exit the program. On some it just finishes and reboots, but of course certain files would be missing on the system and have problems.

I thought maybe I had to re-make my images with the new driver like when we first put on Tuxera, so I did that but the behaviour stayed exactly the same, any ideas?

My next step is to update to 11.2.4, since some TIDs sounds like my problem and it might be fixed on this version. I have uploaded it to one of our primaries and it's at 100% but the rest are not replicating, or very very slowly. (Uploaded yesterday, this morning one is at 0% and the other is at 5%)