We are currently testing the Filr (3 VM machines: appliance+lucene+mysql). Our netfolder resides on a OES 11SP1/SLES11SP2.
Can some one confirm me the following:

To give rights to a Netfolder the user has to have explicit edirectory rights to it, and that giving rights using groups does not work???

To explain more in detail what I have done:

1.- I have created 1 specific novell account => test_user.ext.be (on this OU is a password policy using Universal password enabled)
2.- Following group has been created too => filrTest.ext.be (test_user is member of this group)
3.- Group filrTest.ext.be has full rights (RWCEMFs) to one specific place on the NSS volume => VOL1\DATA\Test
Test => This user can access to the directory VOL1\DATA\Test using CIFS, so this is OK.
4.- On the filr appliance I have defined a dynamic group => TestGroup (groupMembership=cn=filrTest,ou=ext,o=be), here the test ldap query is successful, I get the users, so this is OK
5.- I have declared a Net folder => TestDirectory who maps to server-VOL1 with relative path DATA\Test (test connection is OK)+ Index contents + Enable Just-in-Time synchronization
6.- Rights for the above Net folder (TestDirectory) are assigned to group TestGroup (allow access to Net Folder + allow recipient to share items in the Net Folder with Internal and External users)

So to me everything is right, but when accessing the filr (as user test), I do not see any Net Folder!!!

If I give explicit rights on Edirectory to user test_user.ext.be for this NSS folder (VOL1\DATA\Test) then the Net Folder is available using Filr!!!

So what I have done wrong???

Thanks in advance,

Ricard Malvesi