I'm not so sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but... here goes.

Okay, I've got a customer that has gw8.0.2 and they have GWAVA Retain (Archive). The customer would like to create a report that show's him which mails have not been archived by Retain (Retain sets an attribute, RetainArchived, to 1 if the message has been archived). We've talked to GWAVA and they have no method of generating such a report. Considering that GroupWise is a database I was wondering if anyone knew of a method to Access (Trusted APP) GW, scan all messages for the RetainArchived Attribute and make a list of those without it.....? I know, I'm asking a lot...

I know, this should probably be posted to a Development Forum. I just don't know where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.