Hi there

First post so be gentle

After a server upgrade from 11.2 -> 11.2.4 i wanted to upgrade the satelite servers that are running af mix og windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
around 1/3 of the satelite servers went fine but 2/3 hang at 94% as descriped in this TID Support | Update of ZCM agent to version 11.2.4 appears to "hang" at 94%

After som time (5-15 min) all the 64bit was done but the last 1/3 that was the 32bit did not finish

They are all now trashed and cant boot
"Windows cant start up, do you want to repair" (and it cant repair it)

Are there any one other then me that have seen this ? - And prehaps have any ideer how to fix it ?