I installed SMT (Subscription Management Tool) on a SLES11sp2 server with OES11 sp1. I am trying to configure a client machine to register with this SMT server through the Novell Customer Center Configuration tool in yast as per the instructions in the Subscription Management Tool Guide that I have.

When I go to register on the client machine it asks for the registration server and the server ca certificate location.

For the registration server I put: https://servername/center/regsvc (as per instructions)
For the Server CA certificate location I put: http://servername/smt.crt

When I try to register, it gives message: downloading smt certificate file failed. could not download the smt certificate file from specified url. Do you want to skip registration?

I can get from the client machine to the server running SMT in a web browser. I can also get from the client machine to the SMT server to hit its certificate (http://servername/smt.crt), as when I go to this address it prompts me to download the certificate.

What would be next step to troubleshoot this?