I have a major concern that I have faced since using the ZCM line (been running ZCM since 10.1). In my setting, K-12 school, the student computers are online only for 40 to 45 minutes at a time. In the past my update push for new versions of the agent has been frustrating due to the fact that students have a tendency to shutdown a laptop even with a warning that software is being deployed. Most of the time this issue can be resolved by fixing the app that was interrupted. I am always looking on ways to make this process more efficient and work better. I plan on starting my server update from 11.2.3a MU1 to 11.2.4. Staff systems will probably be the first to update which shouldn't be as big of a problem since they tend to stay online all day. With student systems I have major concerns with the update process.

I am not sure if others have faced this and have figured out a good method or if there is a better way that I am not thinking of. Here is what I see as my options.

1. Update student systems manually. (Remove old agent, reinstall agent using script)
2. Leave student on the older agent until the systems are re-imaged over the summer.
3. Push the agent out and deal with the failed deployments as they happen.

I am leaning heavily towards option 2 with a mixture of option 1. As I have to do an major work on a student system I could force the system to update at that time. Only issue I have had in the past is when I tell a system to deploy the agent update it can take a bit of time to get the laptop to start the update process. I have done a ref on the systems have the update has been assigned but have found that this can be iffy depending on the laptop.

Does anyone have any other options that I might have missed that works well in a similar environment?

Thanks for any advice!