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Thread: Moving sec dom from one eDir to other

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    Moving a secondary domain from one eDirectory to another

    Hi there, we are moving all of our oes2 servers to oes11. Now, is the turn of the Groupwise servers.
    Our schema is pretty simple, we have one primary domain and one secondary, in secondary are
    installed gwia and webaccess. But, the problem is that the sec domain is attached to another
    eDir. This is because was planned in the dmz without access to the corporate eDirectory tree.

    Now, we would like to merge the sec domain in the main eDirectory tree, and goes forward
    to oes11. For this reason I have deployed two new machines (we are going to set up a new
    cluster) and I would like to know how I can de-attach the sec domain of its eDirectory
    and attach to my main eDirectory tree. The new machines are installed with oes11-sp1
    and are included as servers in the eDirectory tree.

    Its as simple like eDir association in console one ? Or should I delete the domain and
    recreate it again?

    Thank you so much to everybody!
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