We are K-12 and have 12 sites. 1 primary OES Zen server and 13 satellite servers dedicated XP and win7 workstation boxes. Most of our sites have around 250 devices and our high school has over 600. There are about 2500 computers in the system total. We activated patch management a couple weeks ago and found it pretty much takes our system down when we try and do anything in it on a large scale or even trying something at a single site. I can grab 10 or so critical updates and push them to 60 machines or so but it takes hours to complete. Reading through the zen11_cm_deployment_bp.pdf file it seems we are way under powered on the satellite server side of things.

My question:
Would installing some hi power satellite servers with server OS instead of workstation OS help us out? In the examples in the PDF mentioned above, the file the server hardware is below what our new workstations are coming with. Will a workstation with a 64-bit OS and a bunch of ram work just as well or does the server OS really have a great deal to do with being able to support so many more workstations?

We image to and from our satellites, we use the DLU feature in zenworks, apply windows policies, use iPrint and have a lot of printer policies. We also use the inventory, reporting and now would like to use the patch management. There are 4 of us that often help people via remote control as well from within the console as well as working on fixing errors during the day and another 2 people that may have it open.

I also noticed our Zenworks console really slowed down after we turned patch management on. Takes a lot longer to navigate around in the console.