Currently we are having no luck getting icm to work in our environment.
We have set up and configured the iprint appliance (v1.0.377.2) and have several printers working.
Installing from the ipp page is working no problems. We also have our AD synced to the appliance and all our users and computers are now in edir.

We have configured the ICM for a test machine (windows 7) and on the test machine we have iprint client installed (v5.9).
We have also enabled ICM and set the PSM address on the client.

As I understand it an ICM results box is supposed to show during log in and a log is supposed to be written to c:/ndps/ .
Neither are happening.

While reading around I also found this.

I have looked around in imanager but canít work out where to set these rights.

Any ideas what Ive missed?