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Thread: Groupwise 2012 SP2 and Office 2010 integration

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    Groupwise 2012 SP2 and Office 2010 integration

    I have recently virtualized Groupwise 2012 and all seems to work well, Messenger launches on startup and it integrates with other applications etc but the only problem I have is when I open an Office 2010 document I get the following message popping up:

    Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Standard 2010
    Gathering Required Information

    This is in a MSI/Windows Installer box, I can only imagine that its installing some kind of user settings but I have scoured the internet and imported all the reg keys etc that I can find. This also happens everytime a document is launched, if it happened once a session I could maybe understand.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue with Groupwise and Office?

    Environment is ZAV 10 & Windows 7 x64


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