Hi all
So downloaded update, ckecksum OK.
I have two servers, SLES 10SP4 and SLES11SP1 at 11.2.3a. Ran the zman sui (path to zip file) command on my main server SLES 10SP4. Waited a while and then rebooted. It was not clean, something about casa.
The system update log was good though. The system log on the other server was also good.

The update popped up in "System Updates" as expected and I deployed the agent to the first server. Sorta worked. But only 3 modules updated. Inventory, Policy and remote management are still reporting 11.2.3. Deployed to the other server and all went well. All modules reporting 11.2.4.

So the question is, is there a command line to redeploy just the modules that did not update?

I've tried to re-deploy the complete agent both through "System Updates" and manually but it just reports that the agent has already been successfully deployed.

I have a VM snapshot if needed.