We're a small business and currently run two NW65 SP8 servers.

The first server provides Groupwise 7.0.4 and file sharing services. Whilst
the second server runs Bordermanager 3.8 SP5 providing firewall and VPN

At long last we're starting to give serious thought to replacing Netware
with NOWS/OES11/Grouwise 2012.

The Bordermanager server is showing its age and will be replaced with a
separate hardware router with built in firewall and VPN services.

Currently the Groupwise/file server just has one NIC configured with a
private IP address whilst the Bordermanager server has two NICs with one
public and one private IP address bound. A secondary IP address is
configured on the public IP address in the BM server and then SMTP firewall
rules and NAT allow mail flow in and out on to the other server running

The question is when retiring the BM server are there any benefit(s),
security related or otherwise, to configuring the remaining Groupwise server
so that it has two separate NICs with one public and one private IP address
bound to each NIC.

Or with the hardware router/firewall and appropriate rules in place is it
perfectly acceptable just to configure the existing private NIC in the
Groupwise server so that the TCP/IP static route points directly at the
routers IP address.

And we have a range of public IP addresses available from our ISP just in
case that makes a difference.