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Thread: NSM 3.1.1 server reguallry becomes unresponsive

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    NSM 3.1.1 server reguallry becomes unresponsive

    We run NSM 3.1.1 for AD and I find that regularly for periods of several hours it is not possible to connect with NSMadmin, this also occurs if the NSM server is restarted. This is particularly annoying now that I am devolving administration of home drive quotas to our servicedesk using quota manager because while the server is in this condition, they cannot update quotas and receive a message that they are not members of the quota manager group. I also notice that our database (ecache.db) is approaching 25Gb, is there any housekeeping that can be carried out to prune this or is this normal?. I cannot find any guidance on tuning my environment for best performance. Being a University, we have a great deal of change in our environment with approximately 15,000 new students per year (and also 15,000 leaving).
    Any help or advice would be appreciated,


    Apologies for not being able to spell "regularly" :)
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