We have recently migrated from GW v8.0.3 on NetWare 6.5 to GW 2012.2 on
SLES 11.3.

Our problem is that we have a widespread issue with users not getting
notifications/alarms for calendar appointments (posted and group)
created before our migration. I have a number of upset people that are
missing meetings because they are not getting notifications.

Alarms for appointments that were created *after* we migrated the users
from the GW8 PO to the GW2012 PO seem to be working.

I have run GWcheck on mailboxes with the DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS, and
resubscribed users to their own notifications, but that has not fixed
the problem.

Any suggestions, short of having users recreate every appointment (some
have hundreds of appointments, scheduled 2-3 years out - all are upper
management, of course)?


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